Wine Masters Challenge 2022

In 1990, we launched the first edition of the Menu Magazine, a production specialized publication for professionals in the Hospitality, Gastronomy, Winemaking, Travel and Tourism sectors.

For the time, it was a quality innovation, being the first magazine in Portugal to use full colors, and a glued spine with a circulation of 50000 copies per edition, while the competition still published in black and white.

It was in the 90s that we started to carry out technical tasting of wines and spirits from all regions of Portugal, at no cost to wine producers and organizations, and nine years later, more precisely in 1999, we held the first international contest in Portugal, which remains to this day, Wine Masters Challenge.

While Portugal is a strong wine-producing country, and increasingly more evolved both in quality and technology, there was a lack of an event that corresponded to the high quality of its wines: The chosen location is in Estoril, where the technical tastings are made in the most charismatic hotel of the Cascais Coast, the Hotel Palácio, the awards ceremony in the Casino foyer, and the gala dinner in the Black and Silver Room, in Casino Estoril.

In the next edition, the 24th without interruption until now, we would like to express our gratitude for your loyalty to the Contest, which transmits to the whole world, not only from Portugal also from all countries with their excellent wines.

We put at your disposal a new website, which we think is more accessible and faster on the registration, payment and immediate invoicing.

I wish all wine producers from the four corners of the world to join a unique competition.



Wine Masters Challenge XXIV World Wine Contest March  –  Estoril – Portugal

Article 1


1.1 – Menu Magazine Edições Periódicas Unipessoal Limitada, with its head office at Rua de Ambriz,nº 29 – 3º B 2775-032 Parede – Portugal, legal person nº 506 299 376, entered in the Cascais Company Registration Office-Portugal under the nº 0144885/02109/4, and Registration in INPI – Nº 518318 ( National Institute of Industrial Property) promotes the event entitled “Wine Masters Challenge – XXIV World Wine Contest 2022”, which is open to all brands complying with the international standards.

Article 2

2- Official registration form

2.1- Participants can register through our site or through a paper form together with a document confirming the bank transfer.

2.2 – Companies will be able to register their brands in the official site as part of the means provided for online registrations

2.3 -The organizer of the event shall not be responsible for the wrongful use by users who have virus in their system and diffuse it in the network.

2.4 – Online records will only be officially recognized when the organization confirms the completion of the entire registration process.

2.5 – Each competing brand must use the appropriate registration form. Photocopies of the official registration form of the Contest are allowed.

2.6 – The samples submitted to the contest must be delivered by February 28, for EU (European Union) countries; non-EU countries must deliver their samples by the January 31, .

2.7 – Registrations for the Contest outside the period established have an additional fee of 25%. Additional information requests may be submitted to / Telephone: +351.211972375

2.8 – There is no limit for the number of samples submitted to the Contest. Wine Masters Challenge XXIV World Wine Contest Estoril – Portugal WMC 2022

Article 3



3.1 – It is necessary a volume of 2.250 liters (3X750 ml) for each wine submitted to the Contest,

3.2 – The samples must be dispatched in the same conditions they are retailed and will not be accepted if erased or handwritten.

3.3 – All costs will be the competitor’s responsibility such as transportation, customs duties and any other cost regarding the participation process.

3.4 – We draw the attention of non-EU participants for the fact that they should participate through their representation in Europe, if existent, otherwise they will be subject to customs duties.

3.5 – Samples must be sent to the following address. Menu Magazine Edições Periódicas Unipessoal Limitada (Wine Masters Challenge – XXIV World Wine Contest 2022) Secretariado Internacional (Samples + Documentation) Rua do Ambriz, nº 29 – 3ºB – 2775-032 Parede – Portugal

Article 4



4.1 – In case of lack of correction in the labels or back labels or in the information which does not comply with the international law or the law of the country of origin.

4.2 – The participant shall be excluded from the Contest and shall not have any right to the reimbursement of the amount paid in the moment of registration.

4.3 – The outside of each box must be marked with the words Wine Masters Challenge – XXIV World Wine Contest and must be accompanied by the corresponding laboratory analysis, issued by an officially recognized laboratory in accordance with the legislation in force in the country of origin.

4.4 – Registrations sent to the Contest must be delivered free of any charges, bank transfer, transportation or customs services costs. All documents must be sent in water-proof envelops.

4.5 – The samples must be sent together with document confirming payment of registration by bank transfer.

Article 5

5-Members of the International Jury

5.1 – The members of the Wine Masters Challenge – XXIV World Wine Contest 2022 international jury are qualified experts from 18 different countries in a total of 50 members.

5.2 – The testing of each brand of wine is undertaken in compliance with the international standards and with computerized technology.

5.3 – A qualified expert shall be designated for each participating country to act as a ten members of the international jury.

Article 6


6.1 – Prize winning brands will be distinguished with the following medals and diplomas: Gold, Bronze, Silver and the Recommended Medal. In case the awarded brands fail to be present at the Prize Award Ceremony, the prizes shall be sent by mail.

6.2 – “Wine Masters Challenge – XXIV World Wine Contest 2022” holds the registered rights to the self-adhesive stamps for application in the bottles of each prize winning wine and these shall be provided by request put forward to the executive committee of the contest through a specific form.

6.3 – Each prize winning brand shall have the possibility of acquiring stamps for the medals won. The requests shall be put forward through a specific document, available in the official site of the event with the following categories and costs:

6.4 – The stamps are sold in 1.000-stamp rolls, this being the minimum quantity available

Article 7

7- Quantities by Categories A-B-C-D-E


7.1 – The stamps are sold in 1.000-stamp rolls, this being the minimum quantity available

7.2 – Category A 1.000-24.000 75 Euros each 1.000,Category B 25.000-49.000 60 Euros each 1.000,Category C 50.000–74.000 45 Euros each 1.000,Category D 75.000 – 99.000-30 Euros each 1.000,Category E + 100.000 25 Euros each 1.000

7.3 – Payment shall be made in advance. After the period of time established to request the stamp rolls, the organization shall inform via e-mail about the period for collection.

7.4 – Any reproduction, unauthorized copy of the original for improper use and use of the different categories of self-adhesive gold, silver or bronze medals awarded by the organization Menu Magazine Edições Periódicas Unipessoal Limitada is strictly prohibited. They are protected by law (TM, INPI), at the Wine Masters Challenge – World Wine Competition, which takes place annually in Estoril, Portugal.

7.5 – With a penalty in the amount of irreducible fine payment and fixed at 250,000 €, plus 23% VAT, in addition to indemnities for direct and indirect damages, as well as court fees, the Cascais Court – Portugal being selected to resolve any legal action renouncing any other.

Article 8

8-Award Notification


8.1 – The companies holding the prize winning brands shall be notified through e-mail no later than 168 hours after the contest. Each prize winning brand will be awarded a diploma identifying the name of the product, company and country.

Article 9



9.1 – Payment must be made through bank transfer to Menu Magazine – Edições Periódicas Unipessoal Lda.

9.2 – All fees regarding bank transfers and other expenses shall be paid by the participant.

9.3 – Where the amount paid is not according to clause 9.1, participants will be informed through e-mail for immediate adjustment, under penalty of exclusion.

9.4 – The amounts corresponding to registration costs must be transferred to the official bank of the event, which details are given below:

Company Menu Magazine Edições Periódicas Unipessoal, Lda

Montepio Bank

NIB: 0036.0196.99100020417.52

IBAN: PT50 0036 0196 9910 0020 4175 2


Article 10

10 – Exemption from customs duties


10.1 – Exemption from customs duties is foreseen within the European Union space for the following countries: Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Bulgaria, Romenia.

Article 11

11- Program


11.1 – The testing sessions will take place on 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th March in Estoril.

Article 12

12 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


12.1 – The participants in the “Wine Masters Challenge – XXIV World Wine Contest 2022” accept without reserve all the regulations and participation rules. The decision of the jury is not subject to appeal.

12.2 – Should any provision of this agreement be deemed as illegal, invalid or non mandatory by a legal court, the legality, validity and obligation of the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be affected, unless stated otherwise.

12.3 – The present contract reflects the agreement of both parties. The laws of the Portuguese Republic in force apply.

12.4 – To solve any disputes arising from the fulfillment of the contract, the parties agree to the jurisdiction and venue of the district Court of Cascais, renouncing to any other. The losing party shall incur in all expenses related to such disputes, including the fees of the legal counsellors to whom the other party may have resorted in order to assert their rights.

Article 13



  • Sweet
  • Medium Sweet
  • Dry
  • Medium Dry
  • Dry
  • Medium Dry
  • Medium Sweet
  • Sweet • Varietal
  • Prestige
  • Regional
  • V.Q.P.R.D.
  • D.O.C.
  • A.O.C.


  • Dry
  • Medium Dry
  • Medium Sweet
  • Sweet
  • Prestige
  • D.O.C.
  • Regional
  • Vintage
  • Others


  • Dry
  • Medium Dry
  • Medium Sweet
  • Sweet
  • Varietal
  • Brut
  • Extra Brut
  • Others


  • AC
  • VS
  • VSOP
  • XO
  • Vintage
  • Hors D`Age


  • Prestige
  • Varietal
  • Regional
  • V.Q.P.R.D.
  • D.O.C.
  • A.O.C.

NOTE: The Technical Committee reserves the right to suspend any category without the minimum number of registrations for the competition. Each brand will be tested four times, pre-selection (2) and Final (2).